Many people think of retaining walls as a necessary evil. But at Prime Lawn & Landscape, we know better. We have created beautiful retaining walls throughout Newark, OH, and have greatly increased the privacy, appeal, and functionality of our customers’ lawns. A retaining wall might be just what you need to improve the look, feel, and value of your Ohio lawn.

Retaining Wall Installation

What Is the Purpose of a Retaining Wall?

One of the primary reasons to install a retaining wall is to stop hillside erosion. With the addition of a carefully designed and constructed retaining wall, sloped lawns become extremely functional. Areas that once were sloped can be leveled and then used to create patios or garden beds.

Additional Uses

Retaining walls can also be used on flat surfaces to provide seating and privacy. Retaining walls are frequently used in this capacity around patios, fire pits, and swimming pools. 


The location, function, and design of your retaining wall largely dictate what materials we use for its construction. For strength and function, concrete blocks or poured concrete are a fine choice. But if you prefer to add texture and artistic appeal to your landscaping, we suggest incorporating timbers, irregular rocks, or large boulders.

The Building Process

Before constructing a retaining wall, our landscape contractors will assess your lawn’s design and needs. We will work with you to create the look you desire while making sure that the wall is structurally sound and effective. When it’s time to build the wall, we will:

  • Form a level base on which to build the structure
  • Add filler, such as gravel, for a firm foundation
  • Consider drainage issues for a retaining wall with a slope
  • Confirm that the wall is 100% level after the addition of each layer
  • Backfill as the layers are built, to keep the wall supported during construction
  • Consider any finishing touches to make the structure a unique part of your outdoor living space

Plan Your Project

If you believe your lawn could benefit from the addition of a retaining wall or other hardscaping feature, contact Prime Lawn today. We specialize in landscape design and provide first-class workmanship to all of our customers in Newark, New Albany, Pickeringtonand beyond. Contact us today at (740) 975-6000 to talk more about your landscaping needs.