Here in Ohio, fall is in full swing. As the days become shorter and the temperatures drop, many folks are scrambling to finish outdoor projects before the first snow. But did you know that late fall is actually a great time to install a new patio? At Prime Lawn, we find there are at least 3 reasons why fall is the perfect time to install a new patio.

Patio Design and Installation

1. Shorter Wait Time for Installation

During the spring and summer months, everyone is itching to get outside. As such, they begin to think about outdoor projects, making the demand for our landscape design services increase dramatically. In the cooler months of the year, though, the demand for our hardscaping and landscape design services begin to taper off. So if you are ready to get your patio designed and installed quickly, fall is a great time to accomplish your goal.

2. Less Impact to Your Lawn

While many people think that masonry work is best left for spring and summer, we would argue that fall is even better. During the fall, we generally experience more predictable weather patterns and drier working conditions. In fact, we find that working in the fall minimizes the impact on our customer’s lawns and prevents damage to grass and plants. If you prefer to avoid the mud and mess of a spring installation, fall is the perfect time to have your new patio installed.

3. Ready for Spring

Another benefit of adding a patio in the fall is that it is ready for use in the spring. Projects that are left until the spring and summer prevent you from getting the most use out of your back yard space. Patios that are constructed during the fall, though, tend to be less of an inconvenience as folks are spending more time indoors. Plus, building your new patio in the fall gives you all winter to find great bargains on outdoor furniture for the spring!

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